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Grand Ledge Gymnastics.

April 28, 2009 · 6 Comments · Uncategorized

I do gymnastics with the Grand Ledge High School. I’m too young to compete with them but I am alowed to train with the team so that when i get into high school I will have all my skills and I’ll be ready for the season.Grand Ledge has won the state championships for two years now.Last year the team was undefeted. When your in high school you can join the team wether you have expirence in the sport or not.You get to work with skills on your own time, you just have to work hard depending on how much you want to win. There are two divisons in high school gymnastics; divison 1, which is the highest divison with the hardest skills.theres also division 2; a lower divison for probly the younger gymnasts with not as much expirence and skill. Click here to learn more about the grand ledge gymnastics program.


  • moorehayeseric

    Ur blog looks mega tastik super mcuber

  • jessicawya09

    You do gymnastics that really cool your blog is aweosme and thanks for the comment!

  • Tayyyy <3

    hey thanks for commenting on my blog =)
    and wow thats really really cool how you do gymnastics. i wish i did. i just dance though. but keep up the good work!

  • melissa

    hey thanks for the comment on my blog. thats cool how you do gymnastics. i used to but not anymore. anyways nice blog!

  • mhsamber

    Hey my name is Amber and I’m in the 12th grade. Our last day is tomorrow but I have to stay until the 19th like all the rest of the students. Thats neat that you like gymnastics. I would have loved to do that earlier in life but I didn’t get to it.

  • moorehayesdeanna

    hah thanks and hopefully i don’k look like poo poo tonight(: and yah that was really fun.

    oops i didnt mean to comment on this blog but i will anyways..
    your a good gymnast;) and yes we are going to hangout everydayy in the summer! ecspecially when im at my grandma’s.

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